"I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking to intern in the music biz, or in any business for that matter."

Kevin Lyman, Founder/Producer of Vans Warped Tour

 "I have experienced a piece of Emily White's brilliance as a tour manager, and there's a big chunk more in this book."

- Imogen Heap, Grammy Award winning artist, musical engineer, composer, and producer.

“In college, I was lucky enough to meet Emily White and #intern for her, working on projects involving a number of hugely inspiring individuals including Amanda Palmer. It has been many years, but I learned so much in that small window of time. Emily is a badass.”   

- Jessie Allen, Project Manager at The Recording Academy Florida Chapter & Vox/Guitar @ SNOWMOON

"The year I interned for Emily White was one of the most instrumental years of growth in my career so far. In a very short amount of time I was able to pick up essential knowledge on the practical workings of the music business and business in general, things that were not taught in class, which I continue to use everyday."

-Mikayla Foote, Manager & Consultant

"I’ve had the honor and pleasure of learning the contents of this book firsthand. In fact, I remember when Interning 101 was merely called the “Intern Manifesto”, a living, breathing document that was shared with every new intern. As a former intern myself, I learned numerous skills that I use to this day as an artist manager and marketing coordinator. Part of this amazing journey to where I am today could not be possible without working for Emily.

I began my internship with Emily White in 2012 after going through a list of various companies provided by my graduate program at New York University. The selection process was daunting; so many amazing opportunities yet to be uncovered! However, there was one company that stood out.

One of the many things that attracted me to Whitesmith was the potential to work side by side an industry professional who opens her company to those who are hungry to learn. If you had an interest in tour management, Emily gave you tasks that involved advancing. If you were eager to learn about music law, Emily would connect you with professionals working in that field.

As an intern, I did everything from data collection on spreadsheets to answering hundreds (literally hundreds!) of emails a week to mailers to day-to-day management to consulting to just about everything that needed to get done with the company. This experience has taught me invaluable skills that I continue to use throughout my career.

As I carry on in my professional life, I’ve come to see Emily as a mentor and someone who, to this day, I go to for advice. While some professionals may view the employment of interns as a way to get the “little and mundane” tasks done, Emily is truly different. She takes this opportunity to open herself up to those who are eager. So it came as no surprise when I found out she was writing this book. Of course she would! She’s the type of person who wants to help shape the next generation of young professionals in an industry that we all love.

So for all you soon-to-be professionals, who will one day take over the world with your creative ideas and ambition, do yourselves a favor: Pick up this book and read it. Start from the beginning. Be humbled by the experience. And don’t take any of it for granted."

-Melissa Garcia, Artist Manager & Consultant


“I owe my music industry career to Emily White. Her innovative approach to find solutions has trained me to be prepared for any issues before our clients. I highly encourage everyone to read this; I assure you it will be worth it!”

- Han Kim, Brown University ’11, NYU MUBG ‘14, Georgetown Law ‘17; Manager Fox Stevenson


"'Interning 101' has applications far beyond interning. Emily's advice has helped me prepare for interviews in the industry by teaching me how to ask the right questions and showing me what to do after the interview. Truly, 'Interning 101' is a resource that all young professionals should have at their disposal as they embark into the work force."

- Jake Nielsen, Intern turned Manager


"I would like to use this opportunity to tell you how much I have been enjoying your book. I am glad that the experiences interns go through are being addressed and examined in such depth. Thank you for sharing your story and for providing such useful advice.

Whilst reading Interning 101 I reflected a lot on my professional experience, which thus far derives primarily from interning and volunteering for a variety of organizations. I was able to re-evaluate a lot of the things that have happened to me and am now mapping out my next steps." - #MusicBiz student, Hristiana Terzieva from Bulgaria

"Emily White's book on interning changed my life!" -Matthew Wang, Film Composer Follow up from Matthew :): "Hey Emily, I hope all is going well! I just thought I'd let you know I got a job as the composer for this new Netflix Originals show because I did well at my internship at Hans Zimmer's studio because I read your book! Thanks again for making such an incredibly useful and insightful book!"

"After graduation, I began interning with Emily White. It was the most useful and intense business training I ever received and really catapulted me into what I'm doing now."

- Jessica Weigand, Marketing & Social Media Director, moe. / Fatboy Productions