"I have experienced a piece of Emily White's brilliance as a tour manager, and there's a big chunk more in this book."

- Imogen Heap, Grammy Award winning artist, musical engineer, composer, and producer.


“I owe my music industry career to Emily White. Her innovative approach to find solutions has trained me to be prepared for any issues before our clients. I highly encourage everyone to read this; I assure you it will be worth it!”

- Han Kim, Brown University ’11, NYU MUBG ‘14, Georgetown Law ‘17; Manager Fox Stevenson


"After graduation, I began interning with Emily White. It was the most useful and intense business training I ever received and really catapulted me into what I'm doing now."

- Jessica Weigand, Marketing & Social Media Director, moe. / Fatboy Productions


"'Interning 101' has applications far beyond interning. Emily's advice has helped me prepare for interviews in the industry by teaching me how to ask the right questions and showing me what to do after the interview. Truly, 'Interning 101' is a resource that all young professionals should have at their disposal as they embark into the work force."

- Jake Nielsen, Intern turned Manager